Dragon Age Inquisition Fan Fiction


I few words I can say that I love Dragon Age Inquisition therefore I have decided to write my own fan fiction about my DAI character as I explore the world of Thedas.  I created a female dalish elf rogue who dual wields dagger.  I hope you like it and I look forward to reading comments.  Here is my first work for the opening seen.

P.S. I am also streaming my adventures on Twitch and posting the videos on YouTube. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Prologue – Skittering Fear

Part 1

         The darkness that was brought on by a great horror disappeared with a sudden spark of pain in my left hand.  The pain became greater as I grasped for consciousness.  The pain felt like lightening shooting out of my hand.  Pain.  I looked at my hand as if it weren’t my own. The energy coming from it was green like when a mage uses a spell.  Only a mage wouldn’t keep doing it if it hurt this much. Pain. Where am I?  This place… what is this place? I do not belong here.  This is not the place I last remember being. The ground smoked. Pain. My mind is only focus on the pain, it won’t listen to my other senses.  My eyes …blurred. Pain.  Is it my eyes or the environment?  I can’t tell.  Pain. Why am I here? What going on?  I can feel panic starting to claw at me and gaining a hold. Pain. Fear. A fear that I am trapped here in a strange place.  The fear  prevents my thoughts from formulation into action. Fear. I look back and I saw something moving towards me.  It got closer.  They got closer. What do I do? Fear.  Skittering feet scratching the ground exposing fear.  Shrieking sounds piercing my ears.  Fear.  Skittering monstrosities.  Piercing cries.  Moving towards me with intent.  I felt an urge to survive.  Fight or flight.  My legs moved without thought.  They carried me away. Run.  Away from the skittering spiders that oozed fear.  The ground turned steep.  I looked up in hopes of escape.  Inexplicably a brilliant light awaited.  A light that kept the horror of this world at bay. Climb.  Climb towards the light.  My legs fell from under me but kept moving as my arms pulled.  Climb faster.  Faster to the light.  As the light grew brighter so did my hope. My hope took the shape of a women.  Her light was safety.  Faster to safety.  She would save me from the fear.  Her luminescent hand reached for me. I was reminded of the forgotten pain as my left hand reached for her.    I could feel the warmth of her kindness reaching out to me but the fear gripped at my feet.  Please save me.


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