Prologue – Skittering Fear (Part 2)


Let me start by apologizing for the wait since my last fanfic post for Dragon Age Inquisition.  Here is the second part of the prologue.  I have already started on the first chapter and should post within the week.  I am still working on a name for the fanfic. So far by best idea is: Narration of an Inquisitor.


Prologue – Skittering Fear

Part 2

     I opened my eyes and realized I was falling towards the ground. What happened? I don’t recognize this place. Red stones. Broken walls. Shattered world. Why I am falling so slow? Somehow it felt like my own body was pulling me down. My mind shouted for my arms to reach out in front of me and brace for the impact but my reflexes were absent. I shouted for them to move faster but they did not obey me. A sharp fear pierced my mind when I looked at my left hand. I remembered running. I could hear skittering and shrieking. I could not let those things consume me, or become real, and cause my heart to burst. Then, the light blinded me. Did I make it to the light? Suddenly, I remembered I was falling. Too late. The ground was already there and my arms crumpled under my own weight. Before my eyes shut behind the green glow of my hand, I could see boots hurrying towards me. Friend or foe….


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