Chiyo Sakamoto


A few weeks ago, my husband decided to run a zombie pathfinder game without any magic.  The world is based on our own world.  My husband is think about typing up the story and the players reactions to the world.  As for myself, I just wanted to share the background that I created for my character.  Each player created a background and my husband would give additional bonuses based on the flavor of the background. When I started writing my character’s background information, I blacked out and ended up with 3 pages.  After rereading it, I realized that my story was like watching an anime…  its a little over the top but it had to be with the insane stats I rolled.  I also named my pc (player character) after the main character from Memoirs of a Geisha.  I hope you enjoy the read because I enjoyed writing it.

Here is the background:

Chiyo is 27 year old women who forges her path in the world as a young upcoming surgeon.  Chiyo is the daughter of a world famous heart surgeon and a famous medical researcher who works on the cutting edge.  Chiyo’s father is named Koichi Sakamoto and her mother is Christy Sakamoto; maiden name Smith.  Koichi was born in Japan and named for being the first son of two.  Koichi always demonstrated a high intelligence and giftedness for anything related to the medical field.  Christy is an orphan American child who lost her parents in an avalanche.  Christy (meaning elegant, graceful, beautiful, princess) was told that her parents wrapped themselves around her to keep her warm until they were found.  Christy was never able to find any living family but still searches periodically but tell her daughter that it’s not upsetting since she has her own family now.  Christy focuses on researching because she loves working with the “small science” like _____.

Chiyo’s parents meet at a medical conference in Europe.  They were both young and newly named doctors.  Each was asked by the heads of their individual medical fields to present their research dissertation to other renowned doctors from around the worlds.  Chiyo’s father says that he first saw her mother in the lobby talking to old wrinkling men and his mentor (who he was looking for) about her paper and she did not seem intimidated.  He followed her into her conference area and listened to her research dissertation.    When her mother had finished her presentation, he was an hour late for his own presentation.  He was enchanted by her knowledgeability in the field and surprised he had not known about her.  She was the presentation added at the last minute.  He raced to where he needed to be and did not notice her mother walking his way.  At this point, Chiyo’s mother usually cuts in and tells the rest of the story.  Mother usually talks about how she noticed a young handsome man looking at her talk to the old men and wished he would save her from boredom.  Instead, she just tried to be as charming as she could.  She noticed the young man following her into her conference area.  He sat there the entire time and seemed genially interested.  She remembered wondering who he was and if her would ask questions at the end of her presentation but he left in a hurry.  Unfortunately, she could not race after him.  Once she was done an hour later, she went looking in all the conference rooms and asking about a young Japanese man.  Eventually, she walked into a room that everyone turned and looked at her because they did have a “Do not Disturb Sign”.  Someone grabbed her arm and pulled her down.  She looked at the person and it was the handsome Japanese man.  They did not speak to each other.  Then the young man had to give his speech but she waited there the entire time.  Afterwards, they found each other and spent the entire conference talking and one thing lead to another.  They got married, had Chiyo, and moved to the United States.  Unfortunately, Koichi’s parents did not approve at first of Koichi’ choice to marry an American and move away.

When Chiyo was 5 years old, her father’s brother showed up on their door step.  He was welcomed of course.  Raiden (meaning god of thunder), Chiyo’s uncle, was in the Country to make a “Hollywood American Movie” as he would say.  During that first stay, Raiden discovered Chiyo’s talent for the martial arts.  He spent his free time teaching her and even brought her to the set.  Chiyo picked everything up quickly.  Raiden called her his “Little Samurai” although it wasn’t till a later age that he taught her to use samurai swords despite her mother’s objections but with father’s approval. When Chiyo was 6, Raiden asked if Chiyo could come to Japan for the summer once school was over to meet her grandparents.  Christy was nervous but thought it was a great idea despite Koichi’s stern disapproval.  Raiden said that they would love her and eventually ask to see both Koichi and Christy.  And as it turns out, Raiden was right.  The next summer the entire family went.  Although they parents could not go every summer, Chiyo went to Japan and spent a lot of time with her uncle and trained.

During Chiyo’s high school years, she had the opportunity to go to a Japanese school near her grandparents but she would stay with Raiden at his condo because he was closer to the school.  Raiden would watch over her.  Christy was concerned that Raiden would be too busy with work making movies to watch over Chiyo.  It took a lot of convincing on Chiyo, Koichi, and Raiden to convince Christy to agree.  Raiden made Christy give her consent when he promised to make Chiyo his priority above work and that he would make Chiyo call every day.  Chiyo stayed out of trouble for the most part but he uncle gave her the opportunity to experience life but he also protected her from people that would not have her best interest.  One time she told her uncle, he need not worry so much because she’s not completely helpless thanks to him.  And that she could handle the boys and she only said that because she knew he worried.  Chiyo also joked with him that her brain was more valuable than any snort or blow.  Somehow Raiden was relieved.  Chiyo was able to make a lot of different kinds of friends and enjoy herself without doing drug or drinking.

Chiyo was not only gifted physically but also mentally. She was an extremely intelligent young women. She could have skipped a few grades but her father felt that she should stay with children her age because he did not want her to miss being a child and that she would have plenty of time to grow up and be an adult later. Her father probably felt this way because he skipped a few grades also and missed much of his childhood with all the school stuff he had to do. Chiyo was in the advanced classes and did much researching on her own. She mother made sure she did things so she wouldn’t get bored. Chiyo also found that helping others helped her stay interested in school. Chiyo felt that she had a great life so far and felt her parents made the right decisions for her in that aspect. When Chiyo went to medical school in one of the best schools in the world. She did so well on the entrance exam that they skipped her a few years ahead; plus people knew her father and mother and observed the same qualities in her. Despite her great success people still seem to praise her more for being her father’s daughter than her own person. Chiyo does not resent her father in anyway but rather she sees the compliment as a challenge. People will acknowledge her in the medical field. During this time in university, Chiyo had less time for her martial training but she made a point to keep fit and keep her sword had sharp. Needless to say, a lot of sleep was not found during this time. Currently, Chiyo is in Dallas Texas finishing her internship as a surgeon. Which is a sort of small miracle because normally new doctors had to work as doctors before they could be surgeons.

Chiyo is a good person and is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others but she will not put herself at risk. For example, when Chiyo was the first at the scene of an accident she made sure the situation was secure before she helped the individual. Chiyo’s father once told her, “If you choose to put yourself at risk and something happens to you, imagine all the people that you will not be able to help anymore. My daughter, our hands are precious not to us but to the people we help.” Dad was just saying not to jump in head first and to access the situation and not assume her smart brain knew everything. Chiyo respected her father and trusted his words but did not entirely understand his meaning.

Chiyo is also a very responsible person. As far as connecting with others, she has a few friends but people are often kind of intimidated by her because she is so talented and smart. In high school, no boys asked her out (not that she wanted a boyfriend) although a few were her friends. In University, she found some to have a sexual relationship with but both were busy with school. Chiyo has never had any sort of serious romantic relationship but Chiyo was never really looking because she believe she will find the one just like her parents found each other.


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