IrisRed – Pathfinder Vampire


I wrote a short background for a character for a monster pathfinder game that a friend of mine will be DMing.


Iris was born a true vampire coming from a long line of true bloods that could trace their lineage thousands of years. Her parents are part of the noble vampire aristocracy. A relative of the current ruler.   The ruling houses and minor fight amongst themselves to gain more power.  None can claim their position secure.  Iris’ parents kept her existence secret from others until she would be able to defend herself.  An opposing family discovered Iris’ parents had a secret.  The secret was not known but it was important enough to go through what they did to keep it.  That family decided the risk was worth it to get the secret.


Iris’ family was caught at a vulnerable time and had to flee into the city.  They were getting cornered and decided to hide Iris in an alley. This neighborhood was not the savory type but leaving her here among the trash was preferable than the enemy raising her as their own.  Hopefully, they could return for her but that seemed unlikely.


By chance or by fate, a man found iris among the trash when the man he killed feel dead beside her.  The man was surprised that a baby was abandoned there and yet she did not cry.  He picked her up thinking he could at least bring her to a shelter.  When he placed his finger near her face to better look at her, Iris bite him and feed.  He knew immediately what she was and could not help but smile.  He would keep her as his own daughter.  He was only 20 but he loved her nature already.


When Frank Costello got home, he showed his father what he had found during a job. The head of the family… Father wondered what his son had to show him that he didn’t even clean after a job.  A baby. Not just any baby but a vampire baby.  The thought seemed like a bad joke.  His don wanted to keep a baby vampire when he was just 20 himself.  How could he raise any baby? Time to put his son to the test.


“How would keeping this baby vampire… a true blood… help the family?” Father asked.


“She would be family.  She is like me but she’ll be better.  I’ll raise her as my own and train her when she is older. I know you see yhe advantage of vampire working this closely with us but thrre is risk.  If the issue ever araised we can turn her in to a vampire family for a favor. That should suffice to allow her to stay.”


“Very well.  She..”


“I will choose who is near her.  Feeding her won’t be a problem.  Don’t worry dad. I’ll let teach her how to do things and control herself.  ”

“I see you are intent on this. But I won’t hesitate if she becomes a problem.”

Over the next 10 years Iris stared to create memories with her father and uncles and an aunt.  The uncles are men, some relatives that follow Frank and can be trusted with Iris’ care.  Her aunt was Frank’s sister.  She is older than Frank has no interest in men therefore no kids of her own.  Talia loves her niece and provides a female influence among all the testosterone.   Iris was definitely a dad’s girl.  Iris understood early that she was different but she was not bothered by it.


There was an incident at the end of that 10 year period when the family was attacked.  Although Iris looked like she was 5. She saved her grandfather’s life by draining the blood from his would be assassin.  Fortunately, the assassin didn’t expect a little girl to be a threat or to be exceptionally strong.  After that grandpa was more accepting of Iris.


The following 10 years, Frank started to train Iris as a rogue because she would endanger herself otherwise.  She was smart too. She would be a great rogue one day whether she was a vampire or not.  The only problem now was to create armor and weapon to help protect her.  His daughter was strong and quick but she would not be able to sustain great injury yet.  She’s a vampire… hard to kill… but he did not want his daughter to get hurt.  Franks feels little he puts her in danger when he brings her to hunt or to “work”, but she has to learn.  But at the moment he would enjoy Iris playing with the umbrella his sister bought her….


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