Monster Pathfinder – World


A friend of  mine decided to run a new pathfinder game with monsters.  Here is the backstory he is giving us before the first game:

In the beginning god created man. He gave life to Adam and gave life to Lilith. They were two halves of the same spirit. But when it became apparent that Lilith would not lay with Adam. She was strong willed and didn’t believe that Adam deserved to lay with her. She wanted to choose her own mate. It was then that god cast her out of Eden and created another woman, this time from Adam’s own rib so that she would never be equal. Lilith’s spirit was taken from her and giv…en to Eve. But Lilith remained. She continued to walk the earth without a soul. Many years late, after Cain killed Abel, Cain was exiled to the east. He found Lilith there among a barren wasteland. He took comfort in the Lilith’s bosom. He drank of her and became cursed. He was cursed to never again experience the warmth of the sun. He would forever thirst. He became the first Vampire.

Vampires have since been split into two separate factions of the same religion. The majority believe that Lilith was the first, that Lilith is the great Mother. The minority believe that Cain was the first. It was written that “the First” would return one day and herald the dawn of a new era. An era where vampires dominate not from the shadows but in the light of day. And so each faction believes that their idol will one day return. This causes some friction between the two factions but for the most part Vampires are at peace.

Lycans believe that Cain’s curse was not translated correctly, that he was not cursed to never see the sun but cursed to forever fear the moon. They believe that Cain became the first werewolf. The first lycans shifted into animal form during the first full moon and never shifted back. This is when vampires first enslaved them. They would intentionally infect a human with the lycan disease and keep them to protect them during the day. Eventually a Lycan named William changed things. At dawn, William shifted back into human form. All of his descendants have since changed during the full moon and changed back upon the rising of the sun. During the middle ages another evolution emerged as Lycans harnessed their rage and became able to change into both full wolf or hybrid form at will. This is the point that changed everything. The Lycans began to rebel against their masters.

A few species keep their allegiances secret, playing both sides of the war. Some have remained neutral. As it stands. Most Steins are still servants as they are easily mind controlled and have no choice. The robots along with the Fey try to remain neutral, though for different reasons.

The year is 2020 and the time has come. Every decade or so the different races of monsters meet in order to redefine the terms of the “peace” This meeting is more important than ever as the tensions have been rising and all out war is nigh. A few are set to avoid war at all costs while others are adamantly pursing it.


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