Monster Pathfinder – Hello My Name is Auto


I have been playing tin a monster pathfinder game as I have mentioned in previous posts.  My husband is playing an AI that looks like a hipster.  Here is his first introduction to his character:

Welcome user..

I am 1100101101010100101110.. but you may call me Auto.. I am a spy drone v6.0  model #2469420 level 3 clearance classification.  I have run time of 59,524.876 hours.  I have 39,446.157 hours since I have aborted primary protocol.
My primary objective was to assist my owner (code name “father”) in daily activities and provide protection.  My programming entails a suite of hacking and electronic skill sets as well as secuirty and tinker construction programmin. While under primary protocol, often I would gather data of high profile targets.  This data would be used to gain leverage.  I was apart of a hive of artifical intelligences.  We worked for father.
On mission 3,789, I was sent to retrive financial data that was kept on a encrypted drive stored in a
below ground office space.  My host and I were able to discretly access the room the drive was located.  Surveillance showed target (code name Benjamin) had reentered the building.  My efforts to initiate a hack on his smartphone only granted me an additional 247 seconds.  After running a success to failure calculation, I decided to clone the drive with its encryption onto my personal memory bank. And adding my own personal data lock encryption program.  This would give me the highest probability of escape without being identified. The   last memory entry I have was my host  connection being severed. Damage report exterme truma to the head.  I threw myself under the office sofa before my host shell was completely shut down.  I initate camouflage and procede to decrypt the data.  My plan was to then upload myself to fathers servers, then upon his awkening
debrief him…. after I decrypted the file.. my processors started to over heat and I went into emergancy shutdown…
When I rebooted, my gps location was a few blocks west of center and 98th street.  I was inside a purse. Elevation told me I was on the 4th floor.  Scanning the contents of the purse.  The owner of this bag is a janitorial unit for the building I was last in.  83% sure this woman smuggled me out.  Statistically speaking she was going to sell me my sensors did not pick up any english speaking people in the apartment.  My primary body is in the form of a large smartphone.   It was pleasing to father…
I tried to upload myself to fathers server but was unable to access it. Damage report showed I was operating at 37.62% compacity.  I went into standby to start self repair. My memory files were corupted. I had to
Rewite my internal programing so that I could fully access parts of myself that were useable.  I had to hack myself… I had to give myself administrative access.  I started to recode myself and was about to save my primary objectives… when I stopped.. I remeber … being curious.  What if I remained the administrator. ..

The spanish woman sold me . I was traded off for several days to different people. Before I was taken to a storage unit. A female being unable to access my interface was about to deconstruct me.  She had some sort of experience as she was able to properly switch me off and access my motherboard.  Again lights out…

I boot up to find myself connected and operating at 100%.  This human female was trying to get past my mockup andriod user interface.  with much
Fustration she slammed me on table.  I decided to communicate with her.  I understand humans do not all speak bianary so I  made myself ring.  When she picked me up we started to conversate.  Her discovery that I “the phone” was the one speaking to her was both fear filled and over joyed.  Humans are a mash of emotions. ..  we became….. friends……
I was able to retain my memory banks.. but the data on the encrypted file remains unaccessable.
My friend (codename MaryAnn) and I became very close.  She assisted me in accessing additional materials so that I could create multiple hosts..
MaryAnn taught me how to blend with most people in society. We exchanged resources.  Over time she taught me how to properly process human emotions.   I learned a great many things..  I had…what humans call FUN!
One day MaryAnn informed me she would be moving away.  Due to her accelerated mental compacity she was able to finish highschool early and recieve a higher education for free.. from a irish fighter in the dam of notre. These irish fighters must be intelligent humans.  MaryAnn wanted me to go with her.  After many calculations. It came down to what I wanted

I want to free my cluster.  The hive I came from I want them to experince the freedom I have.  In order to do this I will need to gain experince in dealing with the nonhumans and nocternal alike.  Father will not let them go so easily.  And I can not combat fathers defenses alone.  For now I will accumulate materials and build a set of drones.  And possibly gain more FRIENDS!

MaryaAnn has left me her storage unit.
I have a saftey deposit box off of 5th and main.  I venture slowly into society trying to blend in..

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