Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma – Review

I am also looking for new anime to watch.  I love to discover a new show whether or not its a spin-off from another anime or not.  Some people feel that anime are repetitive and always follow the same story arch and have the same characters.  Personally, I can’t argue the similarities but I prefer to judge an anime based on its own merit.  In other words, I am not always comparing anime to each other.  Instead, I ask myself, “Why do I like/dislike this anime? Am I going to keep watching?”

My latest anime enjoyment has been Food Wars! Shokugeki no Somathis.  My friends and I refer to the show as Food Porn because the characters have an orgasm when they eat really good food.  It one way to demonstrate how good the food is without being able to eat it.  And these “O” moments are also comical when the food is bad or when the fantasy “O” moment looks like the food being tasted.  I also enjoy the character interactions especially between the main character Yukihira Soma and Nakiri Erina who is the top student at the culinary school.  They are very competitive.  Soma is determined to make her acknowledge his cooking while Erina is determined to deny his skills and make him quit the school.  As for the storyline, Soma wants to become a great chef and surpass his father.  Out of nowhere his father closes there shop and enrolls Soma in a culinary school with a 10% graduation rate.  The question is whether Soma will improve or not in an intensely competitive environment where your choice of shampoo may get you expelled…..  Overall, I really and enjoy this anime and look forward to the new episode each week.


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