Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation (Review)


Let me start by saying if you love or like the Bones tv show then you probably like Beautiful Bones.  This anime starts off with a high school student named Shotaro Tatewaki.  He is narrating the story and captures your attention when he explains how death no longer scares him as he kindly buries a cat that was ran over in from of his school.  He explain his acceptance for death because of a women named Sakurako Kujo who would be the anime version of the Temperance (Bones).  Shotaro Tatewaki would be the equivalent of Booth in the story arc except for the age difference and other character traits.  Shotaro explains that their relationship is somekind of friendship but not what you would consider normal.  The two of them look for bones and seem to find human bones on many occasions.  In the first episode, they help an investigation that would have pronounced the remains as a double suicide instead of homicide.

I give the anime at least a 4.5 so far.  A 5 star depends on how the show develops.  What can I criticize? I like the art. I like the characters.  I don’t have negatives so far.

Natalie (aka Aonide)

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