Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation (Review)


Let me start by saying if you love or like the Bones tv show then you probably like Beautiful Bones.  This anime starts off with a high school student named Shotaro Tatewaki.  He is narrating the story and captures your attention when he explains how death no longer scares him as he kindly buries a cat that was ran over in from of his school.  He explain his acceptance for death because of a women named Sakurako Kujo who would be the anime version of the Temperance (Bones).  Shotaro Tatewaki would be the equivalent of Booth in the story arc except for the age difference and other character traits.  Shotaro explains that their relationship is somekind of friendship but not what you would consider normal.  The two of them look for bones and seem to find human bones on many occasions.  In the first episode, they help an investigation that would have pronounced the remains as a double suicide instead of homicide.

I give the anime at least a 4.5 so far.  A 5 star depends on how the show develops.  What can I criticize? I like the art. I like the characters.  I don’t have negatives so far.

Natalie (aka Aonide)

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GATE Review (Anime)

The latest anime that I have been watching is GATE.  I believe the season is already done.  I am a little ashamed that I did not find this one sooner.  It is not an original storyline because I remember watching another  anime with the same “gate to another world” storyline.  Let me say this, I will be finishing GATE while the other one I stopped on episode 2 or so.


Anyway short story, a gate to another world shows up in the middle of Tokyo while the protagonist, Itami, is on his way to some kind of convention.  Itami was more bothered by the fact that the invaders from the gate ruined his day off at the convention then the idea of them killing people.  Oh ya, the invaders are these medieval knights.  Well surprisingly, Itami kills one of the soldiers and I am think “Where did he learn those moves?”  Well, come to find out Itami is in the army and work to feed his hobby.  The Japanese army goes through the gate and establishes a fortress after killing more armies.  After the fighting somewhat cools down, the Defense Force sends Itami out with his group to make contact with the native people.  I can appreciate that the language is different and that Itami has difficulty communicating with the natives.  I am happy to announce that Itami gets to meet his cute anime girls.  It so funny how him and his buddy joke about meeting a cat girl… geeking out.

Overall, I really enjoy the show and I can’t wait to finish watching it…but it makes me sad because that means I have to wait for season 2.

by Natalie (aka Aonide)



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Aoharu x Machinegun

I have been watching this new anime for the past couple of weeks called Aoharu x Machinegun.  Before you keep reading ***Spoiler Alert***!!

The first episode introduces you to a character named Hotaru Tachibana (second image).  He intervenes in a bullying situation two male students are harassing another student.  Hotaru jumps out of a window that’s at least on the second floor but the bullies stop once they realize who he is.  Get This…. Hotaru is not a boy but rather is a girl who dresses in the male uniform.  Hotaru’s friend teases her about having no boobs and how she is going to make her wear a dress.  Hotaru’s personality is unusual in the sense that she is extremely anti-evil to the point that people will later on use that to make her do things.

Within the first episode, Hotaru goes to a host club to defend the honor of her friend because Hotaru believes that her friend was taken advantage of.  OH!! Did I forget to say that Hotaru is super strong and fast.  When at the host club, she encounters the main host who turns out the be her neighbor.  He challenges her to a duel.  It really a gun fight but paintball -ish instead of real bullets.  Its no surprise that Hotaru looses and has to compete in “paintball” tournaments to repay the furniture she destroyed running across.  Just picture a titan running making craters in the earth except more fun human size on coffee tables.

That’s the first episode for you… don’t want to spoil the rest.  All in all I enjoy this anime and its characters and I will keep watching.

by Natalie (aka Aonide)

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma – Review

I am also looking for new anime to watch.  I love to discover a new show whether or not its a spin-off from another anime or not.  Some people feel that anime are repetitive and always follow the same story arch and have the same characters.  Personally, I can’t argue the similarities but I prefer to judge an anime based on its own merit.  In other words, I am not always comparing anime to each other.  Instead, I ask myself, “Why do I like/dislike this anime? Am I going to keep watching?”

My latest anime enjoyment has been Food Wars! Shokugeki no Somathis.  My friends and I refer to the show as Food Porn because the characters have an orgasm when they eat really good food.  It one way to demonstrate how good the food is without being able to eat it.  And these “O” moments are also comical when the food is bad or when the fantasy “O” moment looks like the food being tasted.  I also enjoy the character interactions especially between the main character Yukihira Soma and Nakiri Erina who is the top student at the culinary school.  They are very competitive.  Soma is determined to make her acknowledge his cooking while Erina is determined to deny his skills and make him quit the school.  As for the storyline, Soma wants to become a great chef and surpass his father.  Out of nowhere his father closes there shop and enrolls Soma in a culinary school with a 10% graduation rate.  The question is whether Soma will improve or not in an intensely competitive environment where your choice of shampoo may get you expelled…..  Overall, I really and enjoy this anime and look forward to the new episode each week.

Blade and Soul – New Anime Series


Blade & Soul is a new anime that I have started watching.  It first caught my interest because I have been following the creation of Blade & Soul Online.  I have been waiting for the North American release of the game but I am not holding my breath since there has not been any news on the official US website for the game.  This being said, I have not had the opportunity to play the game so I cannot speak as to comparing the game to the anime.

Spoiler Alert!!!

The anime definitely has an opening that captures your attention but then again who won’t keep watching when a badass chick kills multiple opponents with such effortless ease.  A few seconds later you find out that the corpses left behind were mere lowbies and you get a taste of the more powerful antagonists.  I became more fascinated with the mysterious protagonist during the inn scene where the Palam Empire representatives are looking for a mysterious person with a certain tattoo.

The protagonist named Alka is a skilled swordsman from a legendary clan.  She is hired as a soldier to protect the village as different representatives of Palam Empire attempt to by the land.  Of course the village refuses and Alka kills two of the three.  The Palam Empire retaliates by annihilating the village without discretion for men, women, or child.  Alka kills many foes including this bad guy on some kind of magical steroid or some much thing.  This leaves me to wonder….Alka probably knew what would happen when she killed the Palam Empire representative therefore I am left to think that she waited there on purpose to kill more of the Empire’s members despite knowing what will happen to the village.

At the end of the first episode, Alka reveals that the Palam Empire killed her master and that she wants revenge…..

(Edited 08/6/2014)

I just finished watching the complete series of Blade & Soul.  I enjoyed the development of the series but as it finished I was disappointed with the last few.  At first Alka, took on jobs that earned her money but as she experienced more of the world she began to experience feelings whereas before she was rather emotionless.  Alka dismisses the feelings that surface because of her training as an assassin.  Eventually, she can’t help but feel sorry for some unfortunate children who took care of her after she was injured.  Alka manages to make friends along the way but they are not what you would call typical.  One friend wants to kill her to collect a bounty, another wants to kill her for revenge, and the other just happens to hate Palam.

About half way through the 13 episodes I started to lose interest after Alka faced her nemesis and won.  Alka began suffering because she could not deal that a fellow pupil sacrifice himself to save her.  Alka was defenseless against the torrent of her emotions because she has never had the experience before.  She became more like a zombie just walking around aimlessly.  She let her emotion destroy her as she encountered people she hurt when she assassinated a loved one.  Towards the end of the series, she band of misfit friends saved her self-implosion as her resurrected nemesis hunted her down.  The series ended there for me but there was one more episode.  The “eye candy” episode where the friends get stranded on an isle with creatures that worship them as Goddesses….  Although I liked the series, I must say I am happy it stopped there because it was just going down hill.