GATE Review (Anime)

The latest anime that I have been watching is GATE.  I believe the season is already done.  I am a little ashamed that I did not find this one sooner.  It is not an original storyline because I remember watching another  anime with the same “gate to another world” storyline.  Let me say this, I will be finishing GATE while the other one I stopped on episode 2 or so.


Anyway short story, a gate to another world shows up in the middle of Tokyo while the protagonist, Itami, is on his way to some kind of convention.  Itami was more bothered by the fact that the invaders from the gate ruined his day off at the convention then the idea of them killing people.  Oh ya, the invaders are these medieval knights.  Well surprisingly, Itami kills one of the soldiers and I am think “Where did he learn those moves?”  Well, come to find out Itami is in the army and work to feed his hobby.  The Japanese army goes through the gate and establishes a fortress after killing more armies.  After the fighting somewhat cools down, the Defense Force sends Itami out with his group to make contact with the native people.  I can appreciate that the language is different and that Itami has difficulty communicating with the natives.  I am happy to announce that Itami gets to meet his cute anime girls.  It so funny how him and his buddy joke about meeting a cat girl… geeking out.

Overall, I really enjoy the show and I can’t wait to finish watching it…but it makes me sad because that means I have to wait for season 2.

by Natalie (aka Aonide)



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