Kleio’s Journal (Part 1) by Aonide


I have played in an evil campaign with some friends for over 2 years.  We just finished recently.  In the game, my character was asked to write a journal so I decided to write it.  This is an ongoing work so if you find errors let me know.  I look forward to productive criticism.

The following is my fictional character Kleio’s journal.  (May contain adult contain)

Kleio’s Journal (Part 1)  by Aonide

           My friend Talus asked me to write a journal about our adventures from my perspective.  I wondered why he would ask me to do such a thing.  What can a warrior have to say compared to a scholar?  I like to stab and bash things.  I am a true gladiator at heart.  I love the glory although much of my adventure was not glorious but done in secret.  I found myself drifting away from being an entertainer to more of a mercenary.  My role was no longer to make the People scream with pleasure at the sight of blood but to kill quickly and effectively without drawing attention to myself.  And the mission is still not complete.  Here I go.  I hope Talus doesn’t expect much.

            Oh! Before I actually start writing about my adventures, here is a little about me.  My mother was a whore owned by a ludus master named Dacicus.  Being a whore generally made you a slave which my mother was.  She had many children but I only knew Kioko who was a few years older than me and my younger brother by 4 years, Kolby.  Kioko is a half-elf while Kolby is a minotaur.  None of us know our fathers and none of us have bothered to look and I don’t plan on it now.  Probably some random gladiator of some skill.  I doubt it was Master Dacicus or someone else of status.  Anyway. Master Dacicus was a gifted slave trainer because all his slaves showed pride and citizens wanted his slaves.  The adult slaves didn’t know better because all his slaves were trained from birth.  Knew nothing else.  My mother was an exception.  She said the Master was fawn of her and bought her from another for a lot of gold. 

            Mother was a proper slave.  She fulfilled her duties with zeal and pride.  She was good at what she did.  No pun intended.  I found that a lot of slave took pride in their profession especially gladiators.  I was fascinated by the gladiators.  I remember being enchanted by them.  One day, I was with my mother and master Dacicus on the training grounds.  Master Dacicus liked to have a closer involvement with his gladiators and Doctore, the trainer.  I don’t know his real name.  At this time, Mother was close to giving birth to Kolby.  The training was perfect.  Everyone knew their role.  I would observe the fight and I always knew who would win.  Suddenly, a spear was deflected towards us.  Somehow, although tall and strong for my age, I caught the spear before it hit Mother or Master Dacicus.  To say the least, Master Dacicus was impressed and had me start training with the gladiators.  I am not sure how I did it at that age but it’s a skill that I have honed ever since.

            My older sister also started training soon after too but she was more of the sneaky-sneaky stabby-stabby type.  Before my brother was born, Mother promoted loyalty between my sister and myself.  Loyalty to family first.  This went against what Master Dacicus taught or Doctore for that matter.  He would say something like “Brotherhood before blood”.  She did this in secret where no one could hear which was not often.  As little as she was able to talk to me privately, it left a lasting impression.  I was seduced by her words.  She expressed how she wanted a better life for us.  Slavery was not our destiny but we should learn from it. She told me that Kolby would outshine me without intent.  He would be a better gladiator than I but that did not mean I would not become great.  Mom said, “Kleio, your greatness will be what you make it to be”.  She talked like an oracle.  How was I to know what that meant?  Shit.  I still don’t know.  Something about making my own path probably…blah blah.  She never talked about Kyoko. Odd.

            Anyway, I should move on to more recent events.


Dark Beauty 12

More Beautiful photography from Dark Beauty Magazine

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation (Review)


Let me start by saying if you love or like the Bones tv show then you probably like Beautiful Bones.  This anime starts off with a high school student named Shotaro Tatewaki.  He is narrating the story and captures your attention when he explains how death no longer scares him as he kindly buries a cat that was ran over in from of his school.  He explain his acceptance for death because of a women named Sakurako Kujo who would be the anime version of the Temperance (Bones).  Shotaro Tatewaki would be the equivalent of Booth in the story arc except for the age difference and other character traits.  Shotaro explains that their relationship is somekind of friendship but not what you would consider normal.  The two of them look for bones and seem to find human bones on many occasions.  In the first episode, they help an investigation that would have pronounced the remains as a double suicide instead of homicide.

I give the anime at least a 4.5 so far.  A 5 star depends on how the show develops.  What can I criticize? I like the art. I like the characters.  I don’t have negatives so far.

Natalie (aka Aonide)

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Dark Beauty 11

I know its been awhile since I posted some Dark Beauty Magazine photos but here is some more.

GATE Review (Anime)

The latest anime that I have been watching is GATE.  I believe the season is already done.  I am a little ashamed that I did not find this one sooner.  It is not an original storyline because I remember watching another  anime with the same “gate to another world” storyline.  Let me say this, I will be finishing GATE while the other one I stopped on episode 2 or so.


Anyway short story, a gate to another world shows up in the middle of Tokyo while the protagonist, Itami, is on his way to some kind of convention.  Itami was more bothered by the fact that the invaders from the gate ruined his day off at the convention then the idea of them killing people.  Oh ya, the invaders are these medieval knights.  Well surprisingly, Itami kills one of the soldiers and I am think “Where did he learn those moves?”  Well, come to find out Itami is in the army and work to feed his hobby.  The Japanese army goes through the gate and establishes a fortress after killing more armies.  After the fighting somewhat cools down, the Defense Force sends Itami out with his group to make contact with the native people.  I can appreciate that the language is different and that Itami has difficulty communicating with the natives.  I am happy to announce that Itami gets to meet his cute anime girls.  It so funny how him and his buddy joke about meeting a cat girl… geeking out.

Overall, I really enjoy the show and I can’t wait to finish watching it…but it makes me sad because that means I have to wait for season 2.

by Natalie (aka Aonide)



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Luis Royo – Tarot (Part 2)

Here is the second part of Luis Royo’s Tarot collection.  His has dark tone to the and often nudity but those images are really empowering and a little something else (something good).